April 5, 2016

Program Notes
  • Segment 1:

    The Impact of Voter Suppression in Wisconsin

    We begin with the critical elections in Wisconsin that may result in a blunting of Donald Trump’s momentum toward the Republican presidential nomination and give a renewed impetus for Bernie Sanders to stay in the race against Hillary Clinton. Mary Bottari, the Deputy Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, who worked in Washington for U.S. Senator Russ Feingold and in the Wisconsin State Senate, joins us to discuss the impact of Governor Scott Walker’s voter suppression efforts on voter turnout in today’s primaries and what plans the Koch brothers have to prevent the political comeback of Russ Feingold as well as ensuring that Paul Ryan become the Republican presidential nominee.

  • Segment 2:

    Exposing the World's Super-Rich

    Then, now that the spotlight from the release of the Panama papers is shining on the hidden money of the global elite of glamorous celebrities, business moguls and politicians co-mingled with dirty money stolen by dictators, criminals and kleptocratic leaders, we speak with Chuck Collins, the director of the Institute for Policy Studies’ Program on Inequality and the Common Good. The co-founder of Wealth for the Common Good and the Patriotic Millionaires, he joins us to discuss his article at The Nation “Panama Papers Expose the Hidden Wealth of the World’s Super-Rich”.

  • Segment 3:

    How the Republicans Hobble the IRS

    Then finally with this massive global corruption scandal unfolding that is soon to embroil the United States, we will look into the implications of the revelations from the Panama Papers on the middle class and working American taxpayer who in a little over a week from now will be filing taxes while the rich and famous are getting away with avoiding paying theirs. Edward Kleinbard, a Professor of Law at the University of Southern California‘s Gould School of Law who served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, joins us.