July 27, 2016

Program Notes
  • Segment 1:

    Gulen Explains His Movement While Turkey's Leader Purges All Enemies, Real and Imagined

    We begin with the op-ed by Fethullah Gulen in Tuesday’s New York Times “I Condemn All Threats to Turkey’s Democracy” which debunks all claims by Turkey’s President Erdogan that Gulen is the mastermind behind the recent failed coup. Graham Fuller, the former Vice Chair of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA and author of “Turkey and the Arab Spring: Leadership in the Middle East”, joins us to discuss his article at The Huffington Post “The Gulen Movement is Not a Cult – It’s One of the Most Encouraging Faces of Islam Today”. We assess whether Washington will give in to the demands and blackmail that Erdogan is using to pressure the Obama Administration to extradite Gulen who Erdogan is using as an excuse to purge Turkey of all enemies, real or imaginary, as this autocratic leader seeks dictatorial powers following the failed coup that he has proclaimed was “a gift from God”.

  • Segment 2:

    PA Pollster on Trump's Lead and How Much Protests are Hurting Clinton

    Then we go to the floor of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia and speak with Dr. Terry Madonna, a Professor of Public Affairs and Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College where he directs the Franklin and Marshall College Poll. A pollster for the Philadelphia Daily News and many other newspapers and television stations in Pennsylvania, he joins us to discuss Donald Trump’s lead in the polls following a bounce from the Republican convention and whether the fratricide on display at the Democratic convention will deny Hillary Clinton a similar bounce in spite of the array of political heavyweights in her corner.

  • Segment 3:

    What is Driving the Thousands of "Bernie or Bust" Protesters in Philadelphia?

    Then finally we try to comprehend the thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters both inside and outside the convention hall whose boos and chants of “A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Trump” prompted comedienne and Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman to remark last night “to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous”. Will Bunch, an award-winning senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and author of “The Bern Identity” joins us to discuss why Bernie’s supporters are even booing him and in spite of him warning them “it’s easy to boo, but it’s harder to look your kids in the face who would be living under a Donald Trump presidency”, they seem determined to disrupt the convention and hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances of being elected.