Background Briefing with Ian Masters: The Russia Tapes

David Rothkopf – Inside the White House “Game of Thrones for Morons”

May 10, 2017 began with the firing of FBI Director Comey in a desperate effort by Donald Trump to shut down the Russia investigation which the craven Republicans were complicit in as they slow walked the investigations and continued to distract and delay in the hope that they can get their agenda enacted before Trump is impeached. The author of “The Great Questions of Tomorrow”, David Rothkopf, the publisher of Foreign Policy Magazine and where he has an article “Is America a Failing State?”, joined us to discuss a White House out of control consumed by infighting, amateurism and intrigue which was being described as “Game of Thrones for morons”. We looked into the efforts by Stephen Bannon to undermine the only adult left advising Trump, General McMaster and Trump’s latest display of affection for autocracy where he banned the U.S. free press from today’s White House meeting with Russia’s foreign minister but allowed in the Putin-controlled Russian press.