Background Briefing: June 27, 2022


Alito’s “Victory for White Life” and the Freakout on the White Right

We begin with how Alito’s banning of abortion rights has been celebrated by white nationalists with Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller thanking Trump on behalf of the MAGA folks at a Trump rally in rural Illinois for the “victory for white life” in the Supreme Court’s ruling. Joining us to discuss how the white right in this country is freaked out by the recent census statistic that there are more black and brown babies being born in America than white children is Gloria Browne-Marshall, a Professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She teaches Constitutional Law, Race and the Law, Evidence, and Gender and Justice and was a civil rights attorney who litigated cases for the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Her books include She Took Justice: The Black Woman, Law, and Power and The Voting Rights War: The NAACP and the Ongoing Struggle for Justice.


The Case So Far Presented by the House Select Committee

Then, with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection announcing an additional hearing tomorrow, we will examine the case they have presented so far and speak with Scott Horton, a professor at Columbia Law School and a contributing editor at Harper’s in legal affairs and national security. He serves on the American branch of the International Law Association, and has represented a variety of journalists and whistleblowers and we also look into rumors of Putin’s health as G-7 leaders meet in Germany to prevent a Putin victory in Ukraine.  


How American Think Tanks Do the Bidding of Their Foreign Patrons

Then finally, with the head of the Brookings Institution having to step down for soliciting foreign funds from undemocratic countries, a long-standing practice in Washington DC otherwise known as Nigeria on the Potomac, we speak with Casey Michel, a journalist whose writings on offshoring, kleptocracy, and financial secrecy have appeared in Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Vox, The New Republic, and POLITICO Magazine, among others. He is a member of the advisory council for the Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative, and has contributed research pertaining to offshoring, illicit finance, and foreign interference to the German Marshall Fund, the Human Rights Foundation, and others. The author of American Kleptocracy: How the U.S. Created the World’s Greatest Money Laundering Scheme in History, we discuss his article at The New Republic, “Congress Takes Aim at Think Tanks and Their Corrupt Money.”