Background Briefing: September 12, 2023

McCarthy Caves Into House Radicals to Impeach Biden After 9 Months of Fruitless Investigation of Hapless Hunter Biden

We begin with Speaker McCarthy caving into the House Freedom Caucus radicals to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden after 9 months of fruitless investigation into Biden’s son’s business dealings. Joining us is Frank Bowman, an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law and former federal and state prosecutor. He has provided testimony to both Houses of Congress on multiple subjects including the meaning of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ during the Clinton impeachment crisis and his latest book is High Crimes and Misdemeanors: A History of Impeachment for the Age of Trump, an updated 2nd edition of which will be out next month.


Can the Democrats Shame Wisconsin’s Republican Legislative Thugs?

Then we assess whether Wisconsin Democrats can deal with outrageous gerrymandering in this critical swing state ahead of the 2024 election and speak with Ruth Conniff, the Editor-in-chief of the Wisconsin Examiner who formerly served as Editor-in-chief of The Progressive Magazine where she worked for many years from both Madison and Washington, DC. She is the author of Milked: How an American Crisis Brought Together Midwestern Dairy Farmers and Mexican Workers, and we discuss her latest article at The Wisconsin Examiner, “Lawless MAGA Republicans are trying to overthrow democracy”.


The DOJ Accuses Google of Illegally Protecting Its Monopoly Via Billions Paid to Apple and Samsung

Then finally we look into the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google with the government arguing today that Google has illegally protected its monopoly by multi-billion dollar deals with smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. Joining us is Karina Montoya, a senior reporter with the Center for Journalism and Liberty, a program at the Open Markets Institute, in Washington, D.C. With a background in business journalism, she writes primarily about anti-trust and media competition issues, as well as digital advertising and data privacy.