Background Briefing: November 23, 2023

Was the Generosity of Native Americans Towards the Pilgrims Repaid With Genocide?

We begin on this Thanksgiving with a history of this uniquely American holiday and explore whether the generosity of the Native Americans toward the first white settlers was later repaid with genocide. Joining us is Stefan Aune, a Professor of American Studies at Williams College where he teaches courses on Native American and indigenous studies. He is the author of the new book, Indian Wars Everywhere: Colonial Violence and the Shadow Doctrines of Empire.


As the Poor and Homeless Are Fed on This Day, What Will it Take to Feed All Americans Every Day?

Then, as many selfless volunteers feed the poor and homeless on this day, we look into what it will take to feed all Americans every day and speak with the Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis, Co-Chair with Reverend William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and the Co-Director of the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice. Having spent the past two decades organizing amongst the poor in the United States, she is the author of Always with Us?: What Jesus Really Said about the Poor and We Cry Justice: Reading the Bible with the Poor People’s Campaign, co-authored with Reverend William Barber. We discuss her article at Tom Dispatch, “A Cycle of Escalating Violence.”


An Exploration of Future Trends We Can Be Thankful For

Then finally we explore future trends to find what we might be thankful for and speak with Stephan Schwartz, a scientist, futurist and award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. A Distinguished Associate Scholar at the California Institute for Human Science and a columnist for the journal Explore, he is the editor of the daily web publication and the weekly Schwartzreport podcast, in which he covers trends that are affecting the future. For over 40 years, as an experimentalist, he has been studying the nature of consciousness, and is one of the small group that created modern remote viewing. He is the author of more than 250 technical reports and papers and is the recipient of the Parapsychological Association Outstanding Contribution Award, the U.S. Navy’s Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Performance and OOOM Magazine’s 100 Most Inspiring People in the World Award.