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Background Briefing: November 28, 2018 | David Dayen sits in for Ian Masters


A Test for Progressives in the Leadership Fight in the House

First we discuss today’s Democratic leadership elections in the House nominating Nancy Pelosi for Speaker although the final election doesn’t happen until January. There was also an election of Hakeem Jeffries of the Brooklyn area in a contested race against progressive icon Barbara Lee to be the party caucus chair. We speak with Aida Chavez, a reporter for The Intercept, who has been writing about the leadership fight.


The Biggest Question Mark for the New Congress

Then we speak with Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch about the renegotiated NAFTA agreement which is arguably the most important vote in the next congress and is not getting much attention. Democrats in the House now have a chance to perhaps shape that agreement. We talk to Lori about what is at stake.


What Happened When a Private Equity Firm Bought Up a Chain of Nursing Homes

Then finally we discuss some of the most powerful financial predators in America: the private equity industry. Peter Whoriskey with the Washington Post has co-written an excellent long-form investigative piece on what happened when a private equity firm bought up a chain of nursing homes. It is a powerful example of the real world consequences of financial engineering.