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Background Briefing: March 9, 2022


An Appeal to Western Academic and Cultural Institutions to Sever Ties With Putin’s Oligarchs

We begin with an appeal to Western academic and cultural institutions to sever their ties with Putin’s oligarchs whose money has bought influence in an alarming number of academic institutions and think tanks, many working on U.S.- Russia relations. Joining us is Oleh Kotsyuba, the Manager of Publications of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University. His research focuses on literature that struggles to come to terms with the experience of living in authoritarian contexts, focusing primarily on 20th century and contemporary Russian, Ukrainian, and East European literatures and cultures. He is a signatory of an open letter at AntAC News, “Ban Kremlin agents and toxic Russian propaganda.”


After 50 Years of U.S. Support, the Saudi and Emirati Leaders Stiff Biden

Then we look into how the leaders of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, MBZ and MBS, have refused to take calls from President Biden and in the case of MBZ, the Emiratis abstained in the UN General Assembly vote condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and they abstained on a UN Security Council vote condemning Russia in exchange for Russia’s vote to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist group. Joining us to look into what 50 years worth of U.S. support for these Gulf princes and potentates has got us is Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Democracy for the Arab World Now DAWN. She was formerly the executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, where she oversaw 19 countries, with staff located in 10 countries and led dozens of advocacy and investigative missions throughout the region, focusing on issues of armed conflict, accountability, legal reform, migrant workers, and political rights.


Has Trump Again Skirted the Law With the Manhattan DA Poised to Drop Cases Against Him?

Then finally we assess whether Trump has yet again skirted the law and remained one step ahead of the sheriff which has been the story of his business and political careers so far. Joining us to discuss the new Manhattan DA’s apparent decision to drop their cases against Trump and the Trump Organization is Jennifer Taub, a legal scholar and advocate whose writing focuses on white collar crime and “follow the money” matters–promoting transparency and opposing corruption. She has testified as a banking law expert before Congress and is currently a professor of law at the Western New England University School of Law. Her latest book is Big Dirty Money: Making White Collar Criminals Pay, now out in paperback.