Background Briefing: May 8, 2022


The Growing Influence of the Pro-Putin Republicans in Trump’s GOP

We begin with the growing influence of the pro-Putin Republicans in Trump’s GOP and discuss the role of those who have seen Trump in action in the Oval Office with the latest to go public, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper who reveals that Trump wanted to drop missiles on Mexico and shoot BLM protesters in the legs. Joining us is the first person to go public in the pages of The New York Times under the pseudonym of “Anonymous” with an insider’s portrayal of dangerous dysfunction in the White House, Miles Taylor, the Co-Founder of the Renew America Movement, a coalition of over 150 members and former members of the Republican Party calling for strengthening the rule of law and restoring government ethics. Having served as chief of staff for Kirstjen Nielsen, the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, in 2018, he wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times providing eyewitness insight into White House chaos, administration instability, and the people working to keep Donald Trump’s reckless impulses in check. His subsequent book, a New York Times best seller, is A Warning and we discuss the authoritarian direction the GOP is heading in and the treacherous alliances between fascist and feudal petro-states that are driving inflation and pushing us into a recession while making record profits from the price of oil which in turn could end up financing a Trump comeback in 2024.


The Russia, Saudi, UAE Alliance Against the United States and Democracy

Then we look further into the alliance of Putin’s Russia with Mohammad bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia and Mohammad bin Zayed’s United Atab Emirates and how the war in Ukraine, which makes no sense strategically for Putin is nevertheless reaping a windfall for him with the price of oil at record highs. This in turn is causing pain the the pump for American voters who could bring about Republican electoral victories in November, laying the groundwork for an authoritarian criminal regime to emerge in the United States in 2024 in alliance with the fascist and feudal triumvirate of Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE otherwise known as OPEC+. Joining us Robert Young Pelton, an author, filmmaker, journalist, and explorer. He is the publisher of Dangerous magazine and has a first-hand perspective on the war on terror from direct contact with the world’s most infamous jihadi, rebel and insurgent groups. His books include: The World’s Most Dangerous Places, Come Back Alive, Three Worlds Gone Mad and Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror and we discuss the role of mercenaries and private military contractors in Ukraine on both sides as well as investigate the strategy of these anti-democratic theocracies and autocracies who are making as much money as they can from oil for as long as they can, and their project to install a fellow gangster as head of the United States.