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Background Briefing: June 4, 2019


The Arrest of the Serial Pedophile Who Was Trump’s Go-Between and Fixer

We begin with the arrest at JFK airport yesterday of George Nader on charges of “transporting visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct”. Nader is the go-between and fixer between Trump and Jared Kushner and the Emirati leader MBZ and the Saudi Crown Prince MBS and he testified extensively to Robert Mueller and is mentioned over 100 times in the Mueller report. David Hearst, the Editor of the Middle East Eye, joins us from London to discuss the amazing network this three-time convicted pedophile created between Trump and Kushner and Gulf Arab potentates, a major fundraiser for the Trump campaign Elliot Broidy and Israeli private intelligence operatives. Nader also tried to set up a back-channel between Trump and the Kremlin brokering a January 11, 2017 meeting in the Seychelles between Putin’s friend and head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund Kirill Dimitriev and Blackwater founder and brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education Erik Prince. We will assess whether Nader, who clearly did not know of the sealed indictment against him, was set up with kiddy porn planted on his phone, and if Nader will provide more embarrassing information against Trump having named someone in the Trump orbit who contacted Dimitriev on the night Trump won the presidency with the text “Putin Won”.


The Saudi and Emirati Backing for Massacring Pro-Democracy Protesters in Sudan

Then with the murderous Janjaweed militia massacring pro-Democracy protesters in Sudan with the backing of the Saudis and the Emiratis, we speak with Steve Howard, a sociologist who recently returned from Sudan where he was a Visiting Professor at the Ahfad University for Women. He joins us to discuss how MBS, MBZ and Egypt’s Sisi are determined to extinguish democratic aspirations in Sudan just as they quashed the “Arab spring” and that as long as Trump and Kushner are their best friends, the people of Sudan will never have the freedom they recently won in ousting Sudan’s long-time dictator General Bashir.


Trump’s War on Workers’ Rights

Then finally we look into Trump’s war on worker rights which flies in the face of the populist campaign Trump waged as a friend of the worker. Now he is reneging on the federal minimum wage raise he promised, cutting overtime, allowing employees to fire workers based on sexual orientation and endangering workplace safety by gutting OSHA while filling the National Labor Relations Board with anti-union members and stacking the Supreme Court with anti-worker Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. An historian of labor Erik Loomis joins us to discuss these alarming trends for working Americans.