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Background Briefing: June 19, 2018

The Mental Health and Childhood Development Consequences

We begin with the growing outrage at the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating children from their immigrant parents at the southern border who have made a dangerous journey to the U.S. from Central America seeking political asylum. We first speak with Doctor Julie Linton a pediatrician in Winston-Salem North Carolina who is the Co-chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Immigrant Health Special Interest Group and the lead author of the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics policy on detention of immigrant children. She joins us to discuss the medical issues involved in ripping young children away from their mothers in terms of the consequences for mental health and childhood development. We also examine the effects of detention on the physical health of these immigrant children since many of these make-shift facilities have been hidden from the public and the press as plans are underway to create tent cities on the grounds of Federal Prisons, some in the desert where temperatures soar above 100 degrees.


The Infliction of Childhood Trauma as National Policy

Then we look further into the medical aspects of childhood trauma the infliction of which has become national policy as a result of the cynical pandering by Trump, Sessions, Kelly and Miller to their anti-immigrant base with Trump tweeting out an outrageous charge that the Democrats don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants like MS-13 to pour into and infest our country because they are seen as potential voters. Dr. Dawn Garzon-Maaks, a clinical professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing and President of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners joins us to discuss how these traumatized infants and children crying out for their mothers cannot be comforted by those holding them in detention, adding insult to the injury being done to them by Trump in the name of the American people.

Inside the Corrupt Deal That Brought the World Cup to Russia

Then finally we speak with Ken Bensinger, a journalist with The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and BuzzFeed News whose latest book, just out is, “Red Card: How the U.S. Blew the Whistle on the World’s Biggest Sports Scandal”. With the World Cup underway in Russia we discuss Ken’s article at The New York Times “Did Russia Steal the World Cup”and investigate the corrupt deal which got Russia the World Cup in the first place and the role of Christopher Steel of the infamous Steele dossier in bringing down the criminal reign of FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.